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Matt’s Superhero Training

Matt's Superhero Training includes:

Module 1: The 3-Hour Work Day - Tim Ferris had it wrong, but not by much. How to work only 3 hours a day and accomplish all your goals, and a lot more.

Module 2: Project Procrastination - How to turn your procrastination into a masterful tool that serves you instead of sabotaging your life. (This is the NUMBER ONE thing I had to learn.)

Module 3: Slay The Demon - How to stop using pain as fuel. You have a dark side. We all do. You have to learn how to embrace it and turn it into an asset. If you don't learn this, it will destroy you.

Module 4: Superhero Training - How to overcome any obstacle at will and become the smartest and most experienced person in the room, always.

Module 5: How To Go Pro - How to go from a whiny loser to the hero of your own life. This training teaches how to turn your hidden dormant skills into professional level results you can be proud of. (HINT: How to make money.)

Module 6: Accountability that doesn't suck! - We all know that accountability to others is a powerful thing. But I hate it!

So I fixed it with a simple system you'll look forward to.

Here's what you'll get access to when you sign up:

  • Private Slack group for accountability and support
  • Private access to me and my team
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • Weekly live training
  • Matt's Superhero Training
  • A new you

If you are ready for a new paradigm, learn to become a superhero.