How to write words that sell.

Ever wish you knew how to write a few sentences and make money within minutes?

  • No job or boss to answer to

  • Work WHEN you want

  • Work WHERE you want

  • Never show your face anywhere

  • Make as much money as you want

All from words.

Simple words.




And those words can be in whatever goofy...




...even if you hate this thing > ...

(Those 3 dots are called an ellipsis. It's used by a LOT of copywriters in completely the wrong way, but it works.)

The formatting doesn’t matter at all.

It's the words that matter.

The right words in the right order, sell.

And sell like crazy.

Why are the right words so effective?

The truth is that people all work the same way.

Our brain's physical functioning is plastic, and can be tricked quite easily.

Stage magicians and politicians know this well and use it to great affect.

The science of tweaking the brain with advertising is well documented.

Our world RUNS on advertising. It's THAT powerful.

Advertising is words.

1. The right words, in the right order.
2. TRILLIONS of revenue generated.

Ok take that down to the base level.

The same words we learned in grade school sell untold billions.

In fact, if you use words BEYOND grade school level, you won't sell as much.

There are many odd or unexpected "rules" like this in copywriting.

Copywriting is the art and science of putting the right words in the right order to produce profits.

So how can you use the right words in the right order?

I'm going to teach you.

Imagine this...

You come up with an idea and in less than 30 minutes you have money flowing in.

This is literally how I make money. And lots of it. For over 2 decades now.

If are reading this, you already have the basic skills required.

5th graders already have the basic skills required.

You just need a framework to amplify those basic skills.

Here's my method:
1. Idea 
2. Write
3. Promote (send email, post on social media)
4. Watch the money flow in minutes later

The more I write the more money I make.

I can do it from anywhere in the world.

No job.

I live how I want.

The truth is, there is a method to it.

I'll be forever free as long as I can write.

20 years ago I got fascinated with how powerful words are.

I took a deep dive into all of it.

- Hypnosis
- NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
- Brain training of all kinds

I've been intensely studying the power of words for 20 years.

Over those last 20 years I've spent well over six figures on everything you can imagine related to writing copy.

- Courses
- Seminars
- Conferences
- DVD sets
- Even VHS tapes!

Yep, I even spent hundreds of hours watching old VHS tapes of the copy legends teaching their craft.

I've invested untold thousands of hours of study, research and testing.

Through it all I learned one thing.

Everyone makes copywriting WAY too complicated.

Even the old masters I studied had too-complicated-for-the-masses methods.

So over the years I tweaked and tested millions of different variations.

Over time I developed my own method that's very simple and takes NO EFFORT.


Copy should flow as freely as if you are talking to your favorite person in the world.

In fact, that's all there is to it really.

Write like you are talking to your mom, or your grandmother, or your best friend.

Use their lingo, their mannerisms, their style.

The same methods you used to:
- Convince your parents you needed more candy
- Get your first kiss
- Go on a first date
- Get married
- Get a job

METHODS used to make money from copywriting.

Don't feel bad.

It's not your fault.

No one taught you any differently.

Now I'm stepping in the fill the gap.

I'm finally revealing the exact system I use daily to make money from words.

It's my own system I've tweaked over 20 years.

It's a simple 4 part system.

Part 1: Idea Generation - How to generate unique copy ideas that sell, whenever you want. (Most people never get past this part but it's the easiest when you know the simple tricks to use. ONE HINT: Watch serialized TV shows.)

Part 2: Story Craft - How to write words in story form FAST that produce results without guessing.

Part 3: Flow - Editing is never taught. Editing the my most powerful tool. The trick is to use the least words you can. It's simple when you learn how to think like 5th grader again. (HINT: There's a simple software tool I use.)

Part 4: Feedback Loop - Lather, rinse, repeat, scale. Do this part wrong and it all falls apart. You have to test the RIGHT WAY in order to scale to big money.

Come up with an idea, write it fast, test the flow, get feedback. Repeat.

That's the very basics of what I do.

I taught a mini copy course almost a decade ago to only a tiny group of people.

It was a very small piece of my current system and everyone that applied it made a lot of money.

I have many testimonials of average people producing above average results by following just one tiny piece of my complete system.

Though I get compliments constantly about my copywriting...

I haven't talked about it at all in almost a decade.

I've decided to change that and do a full, in depth training.

So, I created a 4 week copywriting masterclass.

In it you will learn my full copywriting system.

The exact same system I've used to generate over $100 million in revenue since 1999.

The exact same system I'm using to write this very text you are reading right now.

"So what's it gonna cost me, Matt?"

I hear you.

Even though I've spent over six figures and many thousands of hours honing this system, you won't have to invest near that much.

You'll learn in 4 weeks what took me 20 years to master.

And at a fraction of what other copywriting training costs.

Even the most basic copy courses are several hundred dollars.

If you want the GOOD stuff, those can range up to tens of thousands of dollars.

But I'm teaching you what THEY won't, and for a tiny fraction less.

I'm very creatively calling it...

Matt's Copy Clinic

When you sign up for Matt's Copy Clinic...

Here's what you get:

  • 4 weeks of live training where we take a deep dive into each part of the system
  • Step-by-Step training and checklists
  • Access to my personal library of tools, software, and apps I use for inspiration and testing
  • 4 Live Q&A sessions where you can ask me anything. I'll critique your copy etc.
  • Private Slack channel access for copy ideas, critiques, and a community of other people using my system
  • Private member's area for accessing recordings of the training sessions and more

All of this for only $107

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I keep adding to this training continuously so even that price is a steal compared to other copy courses.

I've never offered anything like this before and I KNOW it's a smokin' deal.

This is your chance to learn how to use your 5th grader skill sets to make money.

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Words will set you free if you put them in the right order.

I'll show you how.

Join now and I'll see you in the training.

Talk soon,
Matt "Right Words, Right Order" Trainer

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