Our Courses

Matt's Superhero Training

This training and accountability program will help you:
End procrastination
- End self sabotage
- End self doubt
- End self loathing
- End negative self talk
- End the cycle of failure

You'll learn how to achieve everything your heart desires:
- Even when you are depressed.
- Even when you are pissed off.
- Even when you can't get out of bed.
- Even when you hate yourself.
- Even when you've created failure after failure.
- Even when you're ready to tell the whole world to GET FUCKED!


Matt's Copy Clinic

How to write words that sell.

Ever wish you knew how to write a few sentences and make money within minutes?

  • No job or boss to answer to
  • Work WHEN you want
  • Work WHERE you want
  • Never show your face anywhere
  • Make as much money as you want



Matt's Internet 3.0 Clinic

GoDaddy owns you. How to reverse the curse.

  • Pay ONE TIME for web hosting and NEVER PAY AGAIN
  • Own your content and data forever (no one, except who you allow, can monetize it or take it from you)
  • Upload a video for $1 that can never be taken down by anyone ever
  • Assure your content is never stolen or copied or censored
  • Create your own cloud hosting company and compete directly with GoDaddy!
  • How to host your content on Bitcoin forever for one cheap cost
  • How to migrate your Wordpress site to Bitcoin
  • How to setup and own your own cloud hosting company for pennies
  • How to scale to levels never thought possible just months ago

Matt's Meme Clinic

How to become a highly paid content curator.

Memes provide me the most fun I've ever had online.

And in turn, the easiest profit as well.

Here's my model:

  • Post (Curate 95%, Create 5%)
  • Engage (A few minutes a day is all it takes)
  • Repeat

I make money from building a following. Some of those people end up on my email lists and buy my courses, events, etc.

  1. Post Memes
  2. Engage
  3. Convert ($$$)

Traffic Blackbook 2.0

Learn how to scale paid traffic campaigns straight from the pros.

In a 2-year span, this traffic system generated over 57 MILLION:

  • Visitors
  • Prospects
  • & Buyers

It's produced WAY more than that to this day. Learn to master paid traffic and set yourself free. 


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