A business lesson I learned from Facebook Jail.

How to become a highly paid content curator.

Memes have major impact.

Way bigger than you realize.

Here's my most successful Facebook post. 

It has over 200,000 shares. It grew my organic audience by thousands. It produced real money in my pocket too.

It's simply the perfect shareable. This kind of result is repeatable. There are a few key factors that make this perfect.

I'll detail this in my new training.

I'm launching a course about memes.

Memes provide me the most fun I've ever had online.

And in turn, the easiest profit as well.

Here's my model:

  • Post (Curate 95%, Create 5%)
  • Engage (A few minutes a day is all it takes)
  • Repeat

I make money from building a following. Some of those people end up on my email lists and buy my courses, events, etc.

  1. Post Memes
  2. Engage
  3. Convert

That's all there is really.

As always the devil is in the details.

I can track well over six figures a year from this model.

That's many years of multiple six figures in revenue, from memes.


And remember...

95% of them are curated!
(meaning, someone else created them)

My entire workload is typically 2 clicks to curate and share.

Can you do a couple clicks a few times a day and make enough money to be free?

It's my normal way of life now for well over a decade.

It's repeatable. It's simple.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can do it.

I'm gonna teach you how I do it. All of it.

It's a full course on content curation and social engagement.

How do I get these results from relatively small audiences?

There's a trick.

It's called being you.

...the real you.

Then simply curate content about YOU.

Share your insights, opinions, interests, hobbies, and sense of humor.

Share, engage, and sell something your audience will love. 

Treat them well and they will automatically assign you some authority.

Authority = Trust

Trust means recurring automated money when you do it right.

You'll never be tied down to a job or boss again once you follow the formula.

I'll teach it all in my upcoming 4-week masterclass.

Because I'm celebrating returning from Facebook jail, I wanted to share something.

Wait what?

Facebook jail? WTF?

Yep, I was suspended from all access for 7 days.

My crime?

For the 3rd time this year I was put in Facebook jail for 'hate speech'.

Yep, hate.

Just from posting a meme.

A meme that's apparently against Facebook's "Community Standards."

What was so horrible to cut me off from my FB account completely?

It was a picture of 2 women at some sort of public street protest.

Both were holding hand-drawn, cardboard signs posing for the picture that I shared.

One sign read, "MEN ARE PIGS!"

The other sign read, "WOMEN ARE EQUAL TO MEN!"

That's it.

I thought the irony was funny so I shared it on Facebook.

Then BOOM, seven-day complete suspension of my account for hate speech.

Hate speech.

The other 2 times were even less full of "hate".

We live in silly times.

I could go on but...

Here's the point:
Facebook produces a significant portion of my revenue.

So to be suspended means a loss of money to me and my family.

So why am I not worried?

It's because I know how to engage audiences anywhere online using memes.

Even if Facebook banned me forever, I can repeat these results anywhere.

It's basically a copy/paste system. (Actually there's rarely any copy/paste either. 2 CLICKS is my entire meme workload.)

WARNING: Doing memes wrong WILL get your social media accounts terminated!

It's happening daily to thousands of people.

I've been close to termination many times myself before I figured out how to do it right.

TIP: Just post humor that's not too edgy and you'll be fine.

But you can ride the edge and create massive engagement AND PROFITS, from very small audiences.

My social media audiences are much smaller than a lot of accounts.

But I'm certain I make a lot more money than they do.

The secret is how to turn the organic traffic memes bring...

...into real dollars in your bank account.

(And no it's NOT from advertising revenue. Don't even bother with that. It's a race to the bottom. Don't trip over pennies to get to dollars.)

I'll teach you everything in the new training.

The new training is a masterclass on social engagement and content curation.

It's called Matt's Meme Clinic.

(very clever I know)

Here's what's included:

  • Dozens of hours of video training
  • Private member's area for the recorded training so you can access the content anytime
  • Private Slack Channel (Our private community for sharing memes, ideas, and successes)
  • Content curation masterclass
  • Organic traffic masterclass
  • Social media engagement masterclass
  • Immediate access to all my media and curation resources
  • Immediate access to automation and content tools and software (this alone is over 50 training videos)

This is easily a $1000 value. 

I've charged a lot more for a lot less in the past.

You can get in now for only $197.

Why am I doing this? Because I want to reward you (my audience) for engaging.

If you want to be able to work anywhere in the world like I do, this is perfect for you.

Building an engaged audience online has never been easier with memes.

Content curation is the key.

Learn how to be a highly-paid curator.

Click here to get in now for only $197 

See you in the training!
Matt "Meme Money" Trainer

P.S. I've taught content curation in the past. Clients paid me $8,000 each to learn just 20% of what I'm teaching in this new masterclass training.

Times have changed.

Social media isn't what it used to be.

And it's not going back. 

Content curation is something you MUST master to be successful online today.

I teach it all in my course.

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