How I made millions by changing my underwear

The Underoos Made Me Do It

My first emergency room visit was the least traumatic. I don’t even remember it. I was only 2 years old. My parents graphically told how I watched Superman on TV then immediately tried to jump off the top of our couch with a towel tied around my neck.

Broken collar bone.

Just two years later I did the same stunt off our front porch. That emergency room visit required only a few stitches on my cheek. I still have the scar to this day.

Each time I wore my trusty Superman Underoos. I never took them off, ever.

I truly believed those Underoos turned me into Superman. Just add a towel and I could fly. I believed it with all my soul and would try for hours.

Awww! Wasn’t I so cute?

They aren’t real. I tested.

Before you get too enamored, I also used to believe that the Scrubbing Bubbles were real living things and wasted many aerosol cans of it before realizing I’d been lied to. (So you can blame at least some of the aerosol can ban in the 70’s on me and my search for those damn bubbles.)

I’m a sucker for marketing. I always have been.

When they told me Superman could fly, I believed them.

When they told me Underoos made me into Superman, I believed them.

When they told me I could have cartoon bubble friends that hang out around the toilet, I believed them.

When my parents told me I could be whatever I wanted in life, I believed them.

But at some point I had to grow up and move on from Underoos. At least that’s what they told me. That was just the beginning of the push-pull conflicting messages I would learn from my parents.

“You can be whatever you want,” but we were living on welfare. We had holes in every stitch of clothing. My Underoos had one of those super-stretched-out elastic waistbands that looked more like those Top Ramen noodles than elastic. They were stained and worn out and had a wet noodle for a waistband.

We would often take a magical trip to Walmart where my brother and I would stare in awe in the Underoos aisle. It was like a Super Hero locker room. We craved them and begged to get the shiny new Underoos.

“We don’t have the money for things like that,” was always the answer.

The Bottom: I Cried Into My Wet Underwear

Fast forward over 20 years to the year 2000.

“I’ve ruined everything,” I sobbed into my dirty, wet underwear. I’m holding it to my face while in the shower. They reek of body odor and the cheap shampoo I’m using to wash them.

That’s how you do your laundry in jail. In the shower. I was being held awaiting trial after the catastrophic failure of my hedge fund.

You do whatever you can to get by in jail. It’s devastating to the human spirit.

Almost 20 years ago my brother was convicted of a Federal crime and spent almost a year in Fort Leavenworth Federal prison.

It has the reputation as the worst hell hole in the entire Federal prison system. He had to sleep with a towel wrapped around his head because it’s a well-known problem of roaches crawling into inmates’ ears at night.

It ruined his life, his finances, his marriage and forever he’s marked as a felon.

The kicker is, he’s 100% innocent. He did absolutely NOTHING wrong.

It was all my fault. He went to prison because he worked for me and had the same last name as me. That’s it.

The prosecutor made the case to the judge that we had some grand conspiracy or something. Because of the small-town mindset of St. Louis where we lived, it was an easy sell.

He was my brother so of course we conspired to steal a bunch of money from innocent people. Makes sense from the outside but it was far from the truth.

I begged everyone in the entire court system and then the prison system to let my brother go. I recounted the story to them a million times.

They didn’t give a shit. They wanted to be able to say they took down the evil Trainer brothers’ reign of terror.

My brother, keep in mind, is one of the most devout Christians you’ll ever meet. He wouldn’t hurt a fly and never has. He’s always walking a straight and narrow path. Always the good kid going out of his way to help the church and people less fortunate.

He’s a really great guy.

I ruined a giant piece of that for him. To me, he’s never been the same since. He’s more distant now and less trusting of people. I watched so many small things I loved about my brother change in big ways.

I sent my angel of a brother to Federal fucking prison because of one major bad decision I made. Young and naive with a lot of money flying around is not a great combo without the right support system.

It’s been very hard to live with and it’s a large part of the reason I spent the last 20 years trying to destroy myself.

I’ve hated myself for 20 years.

I still struggle with it daily.

The more success I achieve the worse I feel about it sometimes. It’s a mind fuck times a million. I fight so hard to succeed in big way. I’ve always been that way. Lots of people look up to what I’ve been able to achieve.

Well, this shit has consequences and people get hurt.

40 families lost their entire life savings when my hedge fund failed.

My brother lost that and a giant piece of his life because of me.

All because I gotta swing for the fences every time. Sounds cool until that swinging bat hits someone in the face because of recklessness.

There is a uplift to the story.

My brother went on to graduate at the top of his class at the most prestigious chiropractic school in the world. He’s a doctor now helping people which is all he’s ever done.

It took me over 15 years but I finally got all 40 families paid back the millions they lost.

My brother will never get back what he lost.

That thought derailed me for a lot of years. It kept me playing smaller than I’m capable of. It made me gain almost a hundred pounds from years of drinking and partying.

I earned my Master’s degree in The Art of Sedation Without Dying.

Left 2009, Right 2016, 85 pounds lost

My past made me hate being me.

I built an extra 85 pounds of armor around myself to hide my shame from the world. (Ironic that the best evidence for emotional pain is excess body fat.)

“Being Matt Trainer does nothing but cause pain.”

That’s what I believed and told myself repeatedly for almost 20 years. It was an anchor holding me back from being me.

It was all a lie.

Here’s proof.

Since prison I’ve created dozens of successful businesses. I’ve created seven figure businesses in 5 different industries. I’ve generated over $100 million in revenue and lived a hell of a life.

I see so many huge opportunities everywhere. It’s really infinite.

I could fund and launch 1000 very different businesses TODAY and they would all be multi-seven figure companies insanely fast. There are so many instant success stories just laying there waiting for someone to pick them up.

As I build my team of bad asses and resource pool, I’m doing that very thing.

In the last 90 days I’ve created all of the following companies from nothing:

  • Virtual reality marketing software company
  • VR media company working with the biggest names in the movie and TV industries to change the game in mass media
  • Gamification certification company for the coming new category of cutting-edge marketing
  • Drone racing TV show that’s going to change how the world sees television and entertainment
  • Cryptocurrency mining company based on the biggest real estate play in history, volumetric video
  • Crowdfunding startup funding machine like the world has never seen. (This one alone is multi-billion dollar play.)
  • And a hell of a lot more top secret bleeding edge stuff

If you are struggling it’s because you are blinded by your programming.

But it’s not your fault and it’s fixable, and fast.

Just 4 years ago I was homeless and millions in debt. I hated life. It all seemed pointless.

19 years ago I was in Federal prison after the biggest mistake of my life.

Today I’m doing hundred million dollar business deals weekly.

I have an amazing marriage like I never dreamed possible.

I’m at 14% body fat (down from 40%) and stronger than I ever been. (I dead-lifted 505 the other day with no wrist straps. I’m almost 47.)

I’m more connected to the real me and to my spiritual side than I’ve ever been.

I see literal miracles daily.

Life can be amazing and for a really long time. It’s all up to you.

I can show you how to unwind the programming that’s holding you back. I created the system with my own life as a test bed.

I’m a fearless guy so I’ve tested every way possible to go and to the extremes. I’ve learned what really works and what’s complete bullshit.

I’ve put it all together in a simple system that anyone can follow. We’ve been testing it for a few months with average people.

We have over 50 testimonials from those people. Lives changed. Money made. Bad asses realizing their power.

It just works.

It’s very arrogantly called, The Trainer Method.

The Trainer Method is the system I’ve created from testing my life to the limits. I’ve rebuilt my life over and over 4 times until I built one that’s perfect for me. Now I create as much money as I want when I want. I call my own shots and live life EXACTLY how I want to every day.

The first time I flew on a private jet, it changed my life. We rode in a limo right up next to the jet and walked down a small but lush red carpet onto the plane. The limo driver loaded our bags straight from the limo into the plane.


No check in.

No parking hassles.

No baggage check.

No lines.

No bullshit.

(We even stood up during take off WHILE using our cell phones and drinking champagne and screaming like little girls.)

Pure traveling freedom.

My Aussie business partner at time called it an “undie stretching” event.

Just like my overstretched Underoos, your life never goes back to the same way it was before after you’ve experienced pure luxury and freedom like that.

I paid $12,000 to take a private jet on a one hour flight to Vegas, just because I could.

Undies stretched.

Years later I paid a helicopter camera crew $15,000 to follow us around on a boat in the San Diego harbor for my 40th birthday party, just because I could.

Undies stretched.

Ten years previous to that I cried myself to sleep in my tiny, crowded prison cell, for two and a half hellish years.

Undies stretched.

I’ve become a master of testing the limits of literally everything I come in contact with. It’s just who I was born to be.

I’m fearless.

Well not totally fearless. I have fear just like everyone else. I’m just not afraid of the things most of society is afraid of.

I’m not afraid of outcomes. To me an outcome is just a result to add to my experience data bank.

How can you know how far you can go unless you test to the limits?


To me, if you aren’t living life full out and working DAILY on being THE BEST, then what’s the point.

You name it, I’ve tested it and at big scale.

Careers I’ve had and why I left them:

  • Mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineering

Left because I was already engineering manager at 23 and capped at what I would make for the rest of my life. Nowhere to grow.

  • Day trader and hedge fund manager

In that business I trusted the wrong people and made dumb mistakes as a kid and went to prison over it. Left because the entire industry is smoke and mirrors bullshit. Nowhere to grow.

  • Commercial helicopter pilot

Left because the pay is shit and it’s a glorified truck driving job when you get past the novelty. Nowhere to grow.

  • Park and roads designer for the US Forest Service

Left because government jobs suck. Nowhere to grow.

  • High end home theater, home automation design and install

Left because the pay is shit and got sick of building amazing systems for people with less intelligence and skills than me. Nowhere to grow.

  • Professional blackjack and poker player

Left because hanging out all day with degenerate gamblers is a terrible grind. It eats your soul after awhile. Nowhere to grow.

  • Studied contract and Constitutional law for 5 years and passed mock BAR exam to see if I could. Thought I wanted to be a lawyer.

Left because the entire legal system is a sham. Nowhere to grow.

  • Financial management coach

Left because I studied what’s behind our money. It’s literally nothing but fantasy. Smoke and mirrors doesn’t cover it. Nowhere to grow.

  • Asset protection and corporate credit consulting business

Left because the entire legal and monetary system is a lie. Asset protection strategies are mostly just shuffling chairs on the Titanic.

  • Theological studies for my whole life until the age of 35. I thought I was going to be a minister and write Christian philosophy books.

Left because I actually studied Hebrew, Latin, Greek and studied original texts in the original languages. 15 years in depth study of the Jesuits. Corruption isn’t a big enough word. Nowhere for me to grow.

  • Lifetime of in depth study of physics, astrophysics, quantum mechanics and high level math. Thought I was gonna be a physicist.

Left because that entire industry (yes I said industry on purpose) is a sham. Almost all of it is just made up in order to inflate egos and get more grants. It’s become its own religion and outside the box thinkers are treated as heretics. Nowhere to grow.

  • High end website development for some of the most famous people in the world.

Left because the arbitrage opportunity in that space dried up and the industry became a commodity. Nowhere to grow.

  • Internet marketing businesses

Should have left a long time ago because the arbitrage opportunity dried up and the industry has become a commodity. It’s an almost completely left-brain, data-driven industry which is the opposite of me. Nowhere to grow.

  • Foreclosure real estate investor

Left because the entire industry is smoke and mirrors. Doesn’t resonate with me. Felt awful and way too much work for the amount of money you ACTUALLY make. Nowhere to grow.

  • Used car dealer

I’ve personally owned over 100 cars. I’m a car guy so it’s been fun. But it’s a lot of work and near impossible to scale. Nowhere to grow.

  • My own digital media agency specializing in SEO

Left because SEO has a shelf life and I don’t see a long term future in it. Nowhere to grow.

  • My own PPC Management agency

Left because too much work for too little money. Clients wanted me to build their business for them for 15% rake. Nope. Nowhere to grow.

  • High end custom motorcycle builder

My first real business. I had my own fabrication and machine shop until just a few months ago. The only official schooling I’ve ever done was for race car chassis fabrication. I dropped out 3/4 the way through because I was teaching the class more than the school was and I was paying student. That industry is so dried up it’s like sand. Nowhere to grow.

  • Journeyman tool and die maker and machinist

Left because there’s no money and no future in it. Robots do almost all of it now. Nowhere to grow.

  • Inventor

I’ve invented hundreds of cutting edge technologies in mechanical and electrical engineering. Even invented a simple device that increased gas mileage on any car by over 400%. That device can be made from $20 worth of parts from Home Depot and an afternoon of work.

Demonstrated it to engineers at an aerospace lab. Years later gasoline has shit loads of additives in it that render my invention worthless. It’s done on purpose.

Inventing is cool as long as you are inventing a new mop or some consumer product for Shark Tank. But when you invent things that challenge the status quo, all of a sudden its not so cool.

Left because the entire patent system is bullshit and stifles creativity. Real inventors die broke and shamed. Just look at the life of Nikola Tesla as a perfect example. Nowhere to grow (if you really want to change the world).

There’s a lot more I’ve done but you get the point if you’ve read this far.

I’ll end with this…

  • Software developer

I’ve been doing it all my life and always will.

We live in a programmed holographic simulation anyway so I might as well be the coder.

Infinite room to grow.

Yep that’s almost $400,000 in totaled cars. Our Lambo was brand new.

Through all this stuff I’ve survived:

  • 2 colon cancer surgeries
  • House and cars flooded and destroyed 3 times in 4 months
  • Divorce (both my parents’ and my own)
  • 2 drug overdoses (one on purpose)
  • Eight figure lawsuits
  • Banned from the OMNI Hotel for life for drunken stupidity

And some impressive stats:

Number of cars I’ve jumped more than 20 feet = 5

Number of helicopters I’ve crashed = 1

Number of helicopters that have crashed within 100 feet of me = 2

Number of cars I’ve jumped off a cliff on purpose = 1

Number of cars I jumped off a cliff sorta on purpose = 2

Number of cars I’ve totaled = more than 20

Number of motorcycles I’ve jumped more than 20 feet = more than 100

Number of motorcycles I’ve totaled = more than 20

Number of times I’ve driven over 200 mph = at least 20 in 4 different countries


Number of times I’ve crushed a car with a real monster truck = 1 (it was an old Bigfoot test truck from the late 80’s. I bought it and drove it once and never looked at it again)

Number of Lamborghinis I’ve crashed = 2

Number of Lamborghinis I’ve owned that were totaled by the insurance company = 3

Number of times I’ve driven a super car over 100 mph on a movie set = 3

Number of street cars I’ve owned that had more than 500 horsepower = 36

Number of race cars I’ve owned with more than 1000 horsepower = 5

Number of times I had to have a Hummer H1 towed from waist deep mud in the middle of a river = 4

Number of cars I’ve jumped over on BMX bike = 2

Number of times I’ve been in shock and had to be hospitalized = 3

Number of times I’ve been arrested = embarrassingly over 20

Number of sky dives = 15

Number of broken bones = 9

Number of times I had overnight stays in the hospital = more than 20

Number of surgeries = more than 20

Number of overnight stays in jail = 2, if you leave out 2.5 years I stayed “overnight” in Federal prison

Number of times I partied with a president of a country = 2

Number of times I had an armed bodyguard with me at all times = over 30 times in Central America, 3 times in the US

Number of times I’ve made seven figures or more in one day = 3

Number of times I’ve lost seven figures or more in a day = 5

Number of AdWords accounts I’ve owned = over 1000

Number of YouTube accounts I’ve owned = over 100,000

Number of Facebook ads account I’ve owned = over 10,000

Number of domain names I’ve owned = roughly 15,000

Number of times I’ve been sued for more than $5M = 3

Number of times I lost those lawsuits = 0

Number of times I’ve been sued for libel = 1

Number of times I lost that lawsuit = 0

Number of times I’m gonna talk about myself in the future = Pi times infinity

Number of bad ass lives I’ve lived = 1

In short(considering how long this post is, that’s some irony!), I’ve lived life to its limits and beyond.

I’ve tested the limits so you don’t have to go to the extremes I did.

Last year my wife told me I should create a training program around all my life experiences. I’ve tested every extreme self development program there is.

  • Warrior Week — Holy hell this woke me up. Brutal but amazing experience
  • Hoffman Process — Wildest thing I’ve EVER done!
  • Urban Escape & Evasion Training — Stress inoculation from hell. The single most stressful thing I’ve ever done.
  • Navy Seal Sniper Meditation Training — Sounds weird until you do it. Changed my life
  • Landmark Forum — amazing stuff but not my crowd
  • Human Interactive Technology — NLP mastery on steroids

I could go on but by now you get the point.

When my wife suggested we call the system The Trainer Method, I instantly recoiled inside.

At the time I still hadn’t forgiven myself for what happened to my brother. That elastic was still stretched beyond repair. I simply didn’t believe I had anything to offer the world other than pain.

In the two years since she came up with the idea, I still haven’t opened up The Trainer Method fully. I did sorta a few months ago to about a hundred people.

But then I immediately started panicking.

“I don’t deserve to be teaching anyone about how to live!
Look how much I’ve screwed up my own life!”


Those were the words ringing through my head every time I sat down to do the sales video. I froze every time.

I wrote slide after slide. Deleted them all. Started over. Created more slides. Hundreds more. Deleted them all. I wrote pages of notes for copy for the sales letter. Deleted it all dozens of times.

I just COULD NOT get myself to open up the sale funnel.

Meanwhile, the original people we did open the Trainer Method to were changing their lives.

Here are just a few examples:


The Trainer Method works…

2 million dollars in one day

36,000 dollars in one day…

8,000 dollar all-profit day after just a couple weeks in…

400,000+ followers after 90 days…

600,000 clicks of free viral traffic, in one day…

Over $40,000 donated to charity…

Dramatic weight loss…

Happier families…

Better marriages…

Consistent meditation…

Dozens of new, more-fulfilling businesses launched…

Over 100 people finding and believing in their power, some for the first time ever…

All those things and a lot more were created by NEW members in the first 90 days inside The Trainer Method.

Seems like that method works.

The Trainer Method teaches on simple thing.

Play Your Own Game™

I loved that phrase so much I trademarked it.

I’ve played my own game my whole life. It’s been a wild ride obviously.

I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. I can help you find your super power and own who you TRULY are. That way you operate in your real power.

It’s a pretty simple method but it has an infinite number of layers.

We solved that daunting idea by creating a game.

The game inside the Trainer Method is called Ascension.

It’s a 90 day accountability system where you learn how to own who you are and create your own empire, just by playing a game.

The game involves scoring points in 5 major areas of your life:
-Faith — spiritual connection

This is applied to training on how to:

  • Use procrastination as a tool to get things done
  • Strategically lying to yourself to get huge results
  • The one second tool to get that project done finally
  • Make money from anywhere in the world
  • Play your own game of life the way YOU want to

On top of all that we have an amazing community of like-minded people who are playing their own game and supporting each other like a family.

The results are there. The system has worked for me and all these people.

We have over 70 testimonials now from a group of just over 100 people.

That’s 70% Success Rate!

In my 20+ years in business I’ve never seen customer engagement and success like that. The average is usually 3%.

By now you’ve probably realized I’m promoting our community and training program called the Trainer Method.

If you’d like to sign up and become another one of our testimonials just go here.

If you learn nothing else from me, learn this…

Your Undies Can Always Be Changed So Stretch The Hell Out Of Them!

I love you for reading this far.

Thank you for being you. Don’t hide who you are from the world.

Play your own game.