From: Chad Hamzeh

Ambitious Marketer,

I’ve saved you a seat.

Imagine: you’ve been invited to a ‘behind-closed-doors’ mastermind of the world’s top traffic experts.

These Traffic 'outliers' are responsible for generating tens of millions of dollars for their private clients.

Clients including name brands you’d recognize instantly, well known celebrities as well as ultra-successful entrepreneurs and marketers.

And they're about to trade notes, sharing everything they know about driving millions of targeted profit-boosting hits, clicks, leads and sales – leaving in their wake, a process...

A complete A to Z system you can copy.

Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands? HUNDREDS of thousands?

You’d instantly know how to get more ultra-profitable, paid traffic... how to generate more leads... and how to increase your profits fast (no matter what’s going on in the economy).

You won’t find this kind of information in some crappy eBook. The paid traffic experts you’re about to meet spend a whopping...

$2,532,467.32 On Average...EVERY SINGLE MONTH!​ stay ahead of the pack. They’re traffic ‘players’.

And they keep their cards very close to their chest. With good reason.

Nobody spends that kinda money on traffic unless it converts.

Now these same methods, tactics and strategies are about to be revealed to you.

Wild success in ANY market depends on making use of what's working right NOW. Not last year. Not even last week.

My point?

These Traffic Generation Strategies
Your Fiercest Competitors...

For the first time ever, the world’s most reclusive, highest paid traffic experts... true leaders in their field... masters of their craft... have come together to share the newest, most powerful traffic and profit-generation strategies.

And all YOU have to do is listen, watch, absorb... and deploy!

Hi, my name’s Chad Hamzeh.

For the past 4 years I’ve made a very healthy living driving traffic to affiliate offers... CPA offers... my own products – and banking BIG.

These days I'm also a ‘hired gun’. Generating traffic for top entrepreneurs and brand name companies.

You may have seen my articles and interviews on sites like TechCrunchRise To The Top and Mixergy.

And after working with dozens of marketers, corporate clients AND coaching eager newcomers to their income goals, one thing is crystal clear to me...

Generating consistent, targeted, scalable traffic ON DEMAND is the ‘missing link’ for thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs online.

It’s what holds people back from getting the leads, sales and profits they need to run a crazy-successful business.

And the reason for that is simple.

They, maybe like you, have been victims of...

The Big Traffic Lie!

Otherwise known as “free traffic”.

Let's clear one thing up right now, there is no such thing as free traffic!

And if you’ve ever played the SEO game, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So-called “free” traffic involves weeks, months, even years of writing content, begging for backlinks and watching your site slowly crawl up the Google rankings. All in the vain hope it will eventually lead to consistent income.

Sure, you may not be paying for the traffic with your own money.

But is cash really more important than your time?

Time is something you NEVER get back!

So why waste hundreds of hours trying to fool an algorithm you have zero control over?

And if you’ve ever seen your search engine rankings PLUMMET you know it’s not just unscrupulous marketers or professional SEOs manipulating the system.

It’s Google themselves.

The free traffic game is RIGGED. And the sooner you wake up to that fact the better.

You could spend YEARS of your life on a website. Building links, 'leveraging' social media, writing content, learning the latest SEO strategies...

... and then BOOM! -- Google switches up their algorithm and...

Decimates Your Business,
Wipes Out Your Income And
Shatters Your Hopes And Dreams...


But this can ALL be avoided.


Because of a secret hidden in plain sight. The truth is...

You’ve ALWAYS had access to massive amounts of relevant, targeted traffic – on demand.

But... like the majority of newcomers, veteran marketers and business owners out there...

... you just never knew how to tap into it. Until now.

With the traffic system you’re about to get your hands on, a new world of opportunity opens up. A world where YOU are in control.

With paid traffic, you can create and nurture winning campaigns. And then SCALE them up to your heart’s content.

That, my friend, is how the BIG money is made.

That's how to build a REAL business, consistently multiply your leads and generate sales, profits and income you can RELY on.

Like I always say...

But many pitfalls lie on the road to paid traffic success -- UNLESS you have a map to follow. A “success GPS” to guide you in the right direction.

That’s why I wanted to create THE solution for anybody ambitious enough to succeed with paid traffic.

Whether you’re a total newcomer wanting to get your feet wet...

or a 6-figure business owner ready to scale to 7, 8 and 9 figure levels...

You can do it when you master the art of paid traffic.

But to put together a system ANYONE can follow to almost guarantee results...

I knew I was gonna need a little help...


Lucky for me, I have friends in high places.

And I’ve twisted the arms of the ‘best of the best’ to help me create the ULTIMATE traffic generation training program.

A program ANYBODY... no matter what their experience level... can use to become a paid traffic master.

These are people who, like me, quietly deploy mass-traffic campaigns, tracking and retargeting for well-known entrepreneurs, global businesses and even themselves.

As a ‘hired gun’, I’ve discovered rubbing shoulders with elite marketers gives you a whole new set of “bleeding edge” traffic strategies.

Because when there are millions of dollars up for grabs, competition is intense...

... And you gotta get creative!

You see, it doesn’t matter how big a name you have or how great your product is or even how seductive your sales copy may be...

Without consistent traffic,
your business is dying
a slow, painful death.

And if you want to grow, scale and expand your profits online... there’s only ONE way to do it:

Turn up the traffic!

But how do you do this? Where do you go? And how do you transform that traffic into revenue?

Many of my private clients hire me because, maybe like you, they need a helping hand. A guiding light.

A go-to-guy (or gal) who controls and manipulates the flow of giant waves of traffic.

Not somebody who follows the same well-worn path as everyone else... but a traffic expert who thinks outside the “norm”.

Because to succeed in today’s cutthroat online world, you need strategies, methods and tactics FEW even know about.

A traffic OUTLIER

  • You need fresh sources for traffic that NEVER run dry...
  • You need the latest software to test and track your way to big profits...
  • You need brand new retargeting strategies to maximize your ROI...


You need access to the same
limitless flow of hits, clicks and sales
as leading entrepreneurs and big brands...

And you can do that when you implement the very same strategies that delivered THESE kinds of results...

These are all real, LIVE campaigns only made possible by the information you’re about to receive.

Here’s a secret:

This TSUNAMI of traffic isn’t “off-limits” to regular folks.

Anybody is free to tap into it whenever they want.

The difference is in knowing WHERE to tap. Locating the private resources, and hidden supplies of targeted traffic you NEED for your business.

But knowing how to turn that traffic into leads, sales and profits...

And figuring out how to stay in touch with your prospects... tracking their movements... and knowing what they REALLY want better than they even know themselves... well...

THAT kind of information isn’t readily available.

For that? You’d have to sneak your way into a private mastermind.

Pay a few thousand dollars, travel cross country and spend a day in a hot, sweaty conference room hoping somebody spills the information you need.

Or...maybe now there’s another way...

A way to leverage the talents, skills and intel of many of the world’s leading traffic experts.

A way to get their wealth of traffic-generating, profit-getting knowledge on demand, by your side.

A “virtual mastermind” at your fingertips.


That’s everything in the core program...

And, as you’ll see in a moment, there’s even more to come.

Ok Chad... This Sounds Awesome But...
What’s The Price?

How much would it cost to get these traffic masters in a room at one time?

How much would it cost to get them to spill ALL their own strategies, tactics and techniques?

Heck... you’re talking a $25k private mastermind event at least.

Remember... this is not your average “gooroo” cheese-fest of wild claims and untested theory.

The experts who helped me create the brand NEW version of Traffic Black Book are the CREAM of the crop when it comes to traffic generation, conversions, strategizing and scaling.

So the original idea was to make this a so-called ‘high ticket’ course. Keep it exclusive. Off limits. Only available to those with the deepest pockets.

And then it hit me...

That doesn’t serve the people who NEED this information the most right now.

So I convinced (begged) many of my contributors to create fresh new content without expecting a single dime in compensation.

Lucky for me, they agreed.

And that means we can offer you this entire course today not for thousands of dollars but...

... just $299 ONE TIME. For the entire course.

And I’m so thrilled with how this training program turned out, I’ll even stand behind it with a unique money back guarantee.


Check out Traffic Black Book totally risk-free. Get instant access to ALL the materials described on this page.

Watch the videos. Read the pdfs. Listen to the audios...

And then implement everything you learn.

Do that? And you’ll quickly see clicks roll in, leads pile up, and your sales soar.

And if you’re not blown away by the results you achieve with the system...

If you’re not thrilled by the way paid traffic dramatically accelerates your success...

No problem.

Just drop me a line anytime within the next 60 days for a FULL refund.

Use the training as much as you want. Put it to any test you choose.

And THEN decide.

That’s how confident I am Traffic Black Book is the best, most effective online marketing program you’ve ever seen.

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